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Hello everyone, I'm having a serious problem. I'm going through the process of re refusal of test strips. I put in my prescription a second time and they refused me again. I generally test 6 times a day and I'm almost out of strips. What will I do now. I don't understand by the have refused me twice in a row form the test strips that I need. Has anyone else out there had this problem? I just don't know what to do at this point, but I really do need my test strips. Does someone have info on how I can get my test strips back. Right at the moment I'm terribly confused and don't know where to turn? Thanks.


Hi, you're not the first person that this has happened to. I know that it can be frustrating. Apparently, there are problems with the availability of test strips. As i'm assure you are aware, some people really abuse their test strips they have. Whether they take too many measurements or they allow them to get contaminated in some way and end up throwing them away. Of course these test strips are expensive and to assure that the people who really need a certain number of them get them that means cutting others that are not in dire need. Some prescription have provided way more than a person needs and other prescriptions haven't provided enough. There is a set amount available for each diabetic case and if you have run over your limit they're simply saying you've had your quota. Now if this isn't true, you'll need to take your log notes for measurements and number of test strips you used to prove that you need a certain amount. It could be that they need to update your medical file to keep you on track. Try to keep calm and check with your diabetes manager or doctor to find out what has happened in your particular case. I'm sure they would be more than accommodating to help you.