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HILO everyone, I have a quick question that I've always wondered about. What about disposal of test strips and lancets. So far I've been using a coke can. It's nice about the way lancets and test strips just fit right through the hole. However, I have no way of closing the can and wondered if that posed a health hazard. You know you have blood there and the lancets are sharp. Should I be doing something better than this or am I okay? Initially, at the time my solution seemed okay, but some of my friends have pointed that the lancets could fall out and cut someone and of course there is the issue of blood itself and infecting someone. Anyone have something to add to this?


Hi, I had the same question when I first had to test blood sugar levels and your coke can idea is really good one. You can buy a sharps plastic container with a good lid from your pharmacy and they are really inexpensive and work well. But, your coke can is good. If you have any children in the house, the sharps could pose a problem if they get into the trash. So, it is best to put them in a separate container. This container should be put up high in the kitchen or bathroom and when you dispose of it, put it in the outside trash barrel because that is best. In many having blood tainted materials and sharps is no different from a clinic or laboratory and they all use sharp containers for both sharps and blood covered items. It's good to be concerned about this and that you have a sense that it might not be safe. After all some people never think of it. I'm surprised that more doctors and/or diabetes managers don't tell you about these things or that this information would be on the packaging of test strips and lancets but apparently not. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean it's not important.