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Hi everybody, I am in need of some cheap test strips. Are there any cheap test strips anywhere? Test strips are SOOOOO expensive and my budget just really can't handle it. I'm also wondering if it is safe to buy cheap test strips because I'm thinking they might be inferior or something. I don't want inferior test strips cause that would probably mess up my readings. I know that good readings are important. Has anyone found a good cheap place to buy test strips which are safe to use. I simply have no idea where they might be. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.



Hello, Yes, there are cheap test strips available. Remember, some manufacturers will give you a 40 to 60 percent discount coupon from time to time for certain test strips. I don't know which ones you're using. However, the best place to by cheap test strips is on eBAY. You might think that sounds strange but you can get really good deals there. If eBay doesn't have what you need on a given day then go back the next day and shop some more. Depending on the buyer you get 50 test strips for $5, it just depends. You want to take a look at the photo to make sure that the box is unopened and not damaged in any way. I don't think eBays allows the selling of any damaged medical materials. Sometimes, family members die and their children are cleaning out their homes and find unopened test strips. Since they are expensive they don't want to throw them away and so they will sell them on eBay. In some cases a diabetic may need to change their glucometer and they can't use the old test strips and they will sell those on eBay. As you can see, these test strips are safe and very cheap. You just need to keep an eye out for test strips on a regular basis to find the ones you need.