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Hey folks any one out there have DID? I'd be interested in talking to you. I am very into my recovery and would like to try and help anyone els that is out there.


Hello, was wondering if you could help me determine if my bf might suffer from this. I've known him 3 years, was with him 3 months last year before he suddenly went from obsessed with me to leaving me. We were apart 6 months before he came back admitting he still loved me (something he'd denied all through our relationship.) We got back together again and sure enough, now 3 months into and and he's gone from being open and loving, telling me he loves me and wants me forever, crying over how he treated me last year to pulling back, withdrawing from me and shutting me out completely.

Now I know that sounds more like commitment phobe, however there's more to it, he drinks excessively, and I'm not sure if he has some real personality disorder such as DID, or it's just the alcohol. Throughout the time I've known him, he always drinks til he passes out, and every now and then suffers black outs, he's woke up with blood on his wall and clothes and not known where it's come from, he's found things written in his handwriting that he doesn't remember writing and makes no sense to him.

During our time split up, he came online (as he struggles to open up in real life, even during arguments i've had him txt me instead of just crossing the room to talk to me) extremely drunk, and poured his heart out, saying he knows he pushes people away, that apparently he's just stuck drinking, and then he got more confusing, telling me he couldn't remember his childhood, that pictures his family had put into a slideshow for his birthday a few months prior was like looking at someone else's life. He passed out, and we went back to not speaking properly.

Our relationship is now long distance due to us going to university after we split last year, but I noticed he was acting strange, definitely cutting me out, tho he claimed he was just busy with exams and heaps of other uni work, but then I found out instead of sticking to his revision plan he'd been getting wasted, finally a few days ago he came online incredibly drunk and started talking to me, but it was like a stranger, he was crude, told me he didn't want me nor love me (when it was only the weekend before i'd visited him and he'd tell me he loved me without me saying it first and etc), he made awful comments to me about other women, and spoke utter nonsense. Even his way of typing had changed.

There are other factors here like his inability to take blame for things he says he didn't do when i know he has...for instance the above all i got from him when i confronted him was 'whatever.' A few weeks ago we were together and I had left him for 10 minutes to show my friend who was staying to her room, when I went back down, he - who yes was drunk - was adament i'd been over an hour and he was so angry at me but there was no convincing him, even after when he sobered up he wouldn't believe me.

It just seems he can be so many different people, there's a depressed, insecure boy that comes out that tells me i dont like him or want to be with him, and i want other people. Then there's one that comes after drinking that hates the world, and can do nothing except rant and cry about it. Then there is the rarer seen one that seems to hate me, is pervy and cocky and tbh downright rude and annoying. I know longer no what is going on, I love him but I know somewhere he has a problem, most of his major changes take place when he's drinking which is why i'm unsure, but there is a definite slight change even when he's not. Sometimes it seems how he perceives the reality around him - especially in regards to me - is just mad. I know longer know the person he really is, the one that loves me and told me i was the most important thing in his life, or the cold one that shuts me out and spouts horrid drunken words at me?

Any advice would be so appreciated because I do love him with all my heart, I fully believed we were soul mates, and if he does have some problems, no matter how much he tries to push me away I don't want to leave him alone, nobody else sees these sides to him, nobody is aware that he needs help, but as of yet I can't work out what he needs help for.