This is a long story. I'm 37 now and years ago I fell awkwardly causing what I thought was my ankle to break. My foot was hanging off the bone and it looked horrible. In the emergency room they temporarily set my ankle then a doctor came in and put a full leg cast on that went up past my inner thigh. It took a while to heal. More than 4 months. They were slowly lowering the cast every visit until they put me in a boot. After the boot came off they didn't send me for any type of therapy because I asked about it. They told me that I didn't need it and  I figured they knew what they were doing.  I've had such a difficult time after that. I wasn't able to stand for 15 minutes without pain. It was constantly swollen and the pain was unbearable. I was young and thought that all of this was normal. Not being able to walk normally really affected every part of my life. I had a bad limp and I got so use to walking on the pain I learned to live around it. The cramping in my ankle when I tried to rest after walking for any period of time is ridiculous. I had an issue at my job requiring me to walk and stand for a whole shift. I explained to them that I could not do this which upset them. They told me that I needed proof from my doctor. I went to the original orthopedic clinic that treated me. I tried to explain to the doctor what my problems were but she seemed to be very dismissive like i was just exaggerating. At least until she looked at my old file and took new x-rays. She came in to the room with a shocked look on her face asking me if I have trouble walking upstairs, standing, etc. Obviously she wasn't listening to me because I told her I have problems doing anything that involves me being on my feet. She explains to me that I suffered from a distal tibia fracture and she said its one of the worst ankle/foot fractures you can have. Which I never knew and that it healed in a weird way. She said instead of the bones healing separately it healed into one huge bone. I asked to see the doctor that gave me the original treatment but she refused to call him in the room. He was definitely there. Then after all these years she tries to finally offer me therapy which I think is crazy. Why now when I had to struggle and force myself to live with this pain? After doing a little research anytime I look up my specific fracture its always talking about surgery and physical therapy. Was my treatment wrong, why did the doctor not initially explain my injury to me or give me treatment options? I'm tired of being in pain and having to have my little girl help me upstairs because I can't stand up. I'm tired of having to turn down better paying jobs because I can't physically do them. What should I do?