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I feel fairely embarassed posting it here, basically I had sex with a hooker a few days ago (it's legal here). I felt very sweaty during sex. Straight hour after that I started to feel numb , my body was almost high.. pretty freaky but I thought this was normal (havn't happened to me before after sex) .. so I lit up a marijuana joint. Went to sleep. Next morning same thing - Numbness I feel that body doesnt follow up with my mind (which is totally clear).
Today's the 2nd day after that and I still feel the same numbness and 'highness'.  Things to consider.
I live in a fairely small room most of the time on laptop, I smoke a lot (1 packet per day). Drink energy drinks.
Measured my pulse (above my ears) on both sides and it seems that it is very stronge pulse..

This feeling almost feels dizzy, even after a walk I can still feel it.. it's 2nd day and it's very annoying.
What could this be? HIV ? (I used a condom).


good luck with sorting that out