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Recently I have been bleeding from the anus. I mean a lot and the blood is also very deep red. Much like on heavy menstrual days. But instead of coming from the vagina it has been coming out of my anus. I don't get constipation so I don't think it's hemorrhoids. Plus it doesn't hurt down there at all. it's just that a lot of blood has been coming out and I'm starting to get worried since my stomach usually hurts a lot more than usual.


I don't wanna panic you because that is a sign of cancer.
I would advise you to as soon as possible get it checked out,

It could be gastroenteritis, which is basically an infection which will give you them symptoms, also stomach cramps and vomiting.

Diverticular disease, is when you pass a lot of blood from the anus, which is also painless.

They're probably many other things that could be wrong, which is why i think you are best to see a doctor.

Please don't panic yourself because the sooner you go, the better the chance of getting it dealt with and soon you will be all better!

Hope this helps x