I have just taken on a part-time job at a local supermarket. I am going to working 4-10pm on Thursdays, and 2pm-10pm on Saturdays. I won't be able to run on Thursday, because of this and as I run on Wednesday, I will be too tired to run on Thursday morning. I can run on Saturday, but it will have to be easy, as I run hard on Friday. Here is my new proposed training schedule:
Sunday-90 minutes easy
Monday- 100m Hills (8 to 12)
Tuesday- 20-30 minute tempo run
Wednesday- 30-45 minutes fartlek
Friday-Intervals (e.g 8x400m or 3x1600m)
Saturday-Easy run or rest

Are there too many hard days in a row, or should I be able to cope? If you think it's too hard, what should I do?

Also, 5k PB is 17:42. Races start in two weeks. Workout lengths and intensities will vary depending on week.