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Hi, im new here and I dont normally do this, but I find it best that I talk to people I dont know so I feel more open and honest. and truth is I havent hit puberty yet im 15 currently. And I do know that its not uncommon for late puberty to happen but that's not my issue. Lately (past year or so) I have been having a lot of fun with some of my older friends that I met at a punk concert in my home town in Portugal and i've been introduced too various activites such as smoking weed and drinking. As far as drinking goes I really only consume beer, because I love the taste and smoke weed quite often because I like to get high and have fun. I am aware of all the dangers that come along this type of stuff and I do it in moderation, and lately my endocrinologist as been telling me that I am in early stages of pre puberty (larger penis, 4-5cm testicles and some pubic hair) and I wanted to know If the alcohol and marijuana would affect my growth. I know that I should avoid this stuff, but currently I really just need to know if it would affect puberty.   thanks for any help in advance.   :)


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Hey there if done in moderation I do not know of any casother a where it affects puberty but I am not 100 percent sure .... I would avoid high uses of alcohol and marijuana