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Hello. I’ve been having some weight problems for about a year now. It all started when I started working. Let me get this straight, I was never skinny or super fit before, but according to my friends, I was never fat or obese. My maximum extra weight would go up to 10-12 pounds. Now I have about 35 extra pounds. Since I am not very tall, it doesn’t look good on me.

I am planning to buy Contour core belt and I was wondering do you have any exercise suggestions for using Contour core belt ab equipment? Thank you all in advance.


Yes, I have. 

Even though I believe Contour core belt is a complete waste of money, I bought it once for my sister because she really insisted. 

Since she is so lazy she was expecting Contour core belt to help her with weight loss all by itself. And I can almost guarantee that’s never going to happen to anyone.

 This belt actually comes with a diet and exercise plan which you need to follow while using the product. 

Their diet program includes 1400 calories for women which is pretty low, and even without using the product or exercising you will be able to lose some weight. 



Oh, and the exercises, I forgot.

You can start with cardio, and then later maybe a little weight training. Combine those two. And stability ball exercises, especially if you’re a woman, you will find those not so demanding, but very appealing to your body. You can combine all of these three by doing them all once weekly (so you will be exercising three times a week).

When it comes to stability ball exercises, my favorite ( and I didn’t see many people do it) is when you put the ball between your feet and holding it tightly you start to move your legs up and down or left and right.