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i have been on the diet for 3 months now following it about 90% meaning if i feel i need more to eat then i eat more. but even though i am a hair stylist and knowing others that have been on the diet and had hair loss too i still am quite shocked at how much is falling out i would say at least 3xs as much as normal! i am very glad for my over 25lbs of weight loss but i am wondering if others that have had this problem we told an answer or when did the loss stop?. how long were you on the diet?

the diet is working well for me i am not an over eater i am a "im just to tiered to make something" eater therefore i gain weight because i dont want to make it. i am 5'11" 37 yrs old with one daughter i only gained weight from being pregnant. before her i was 140lbs i know naturally on the thin side. i was over 220lbs when i had her i am now at 189lbs and my goal is to be in the 170's which is very realistic for me now.

BTW i did jenny craig...i would not suggest is as it was very costly over $150 a week for there food plus you had to go buy all fruits and veggies. you were not taught what to eat other then there food which was very bothersome. i lost weight for the first 6 months then start to gain after that. just my 2 cents.

anyways that is the situation any advice or pointers would be great.


diets are bad first learn that