I started on Dr. Bernsteins' weight loss program some time in April 2012and the truth is that it is the best decision I have ever made.  Feeling like my stomach was in my throat when I bent over, and so tired and sugish with all of the excess weight on my small body. 

The nurses are very devoted and helpful with excellent knowledge of the program.  There is a doctor on staff and between them they take every caution to be sure that you are healthy when doing this program.
You are also given extra vitamins and potassium along with the vitamin B6 and 12 injections.  I have learned to spread my food out during the course of the day so that I do not get hungry.

 To date (July 10, 2012) I have lost 26 lbs and went from almost a size 12 to a size 4 - 6.  I am on my second week of maintenance and even this week I lost 1 pound. 

This program takes a lot of determination and you have to really want it badly enough to go through it.  The cost (dollars) are high but well work it when you see the end results.

I am very focused and hope I will not slip back into my bad habits.  I am able to go and weigh in when ever I want .  I am stilling seeing a nurse once a week at the clinic along with the doctor on staff once a month.  They will keep me on track as they check all the food that I eat during the week through out the whole program.

Kudos to Dr Bernstein and his team!