Hello...I'm new to this. I'm a 46 year old female in otherwise good health. A couple months ago, I noticed a marble sized painless lump on my neck directly above my right collarbone exactly where you would place two fingers to take a pulse from the carotid artery. It's possible I've had it longer, but noticed the right side of the lower front part of my neck looked swollen in the mirror so I watched it for 6 weeks. It never changes size and is stationary and firm. Two weeks ago, I went to my family practice dr who sent me for lab work. My WBC count was within normal range as was my SED (sedimentation) rate which was 5. Additional bloodwork (thyroid, hormones, vitamins, etc.) was unremarkable except a big deficiency in Vitamin D. She's sending me in for more bloodwork (not clear what - forgot to ask). She also gave me an order for a soft tissue MRI with and without contrast. I asked her if there was anything more conservative than an MRI (for financial reasons) and she acknowledged that she could order an ultrasound but feels very confident that she'll end up ordering an MRI anyway, so wants me to go straight to the big test. I'm not really experiencing any other symptoms except I have had a few instances of night sweats. I figured this was possibly hormonal, but dr said hormone levels all looked good. Should I just go with her recommendation and do the MRI or get a second opinion from a specialist? What specialty medical field would that be, ENT? What are the possible conditions I'm facing? Thank you in advance for any feedback, advice, sharing and ideas you can offer. ~ Julie