On the upper left side of my jaw, a tooth grew on the wrong place. The dentist says it happens sometimes and that there was nothing wrong with it but overtime, I can't chew on the left side of my jaw because the tooth is beside another tooth and there is a little hole inbetween where food always gets stuck in when I eat. Some days, I try to suck of that hole to remove stuck foods and spit it out. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth because food gets stuck there for days. I haven't gone to the dentist for that but recently, I have been having pains on my left ear. I always go to a doctor or a an ENT doctor and they say I have an ear infection. After I take antibiotics, it goes away after some days but the ear infection keeps on coming back and it's really painful. Sometimes, liquid comes out from the ear. The pain is inside the ear canal and not outside. I didn't know what always caused them at first but one day, I was thinking and I remembered my tooth problem and I thiught, how about if it is connected to one another cause they are close. I seaeched it up and now I see that they are related. What do you think it is? Do I see a dentist instead of an ENT doctor? What should I do?