I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed about two weeks ago. The ones on top and the bottom socket on my left side are completely fine but I'm worried I have an infection on the right side. My gums around that area are slightly swollen still in what my doctor said what just a knot which was to be expected because that side took a lot more surgery. It doesn't hurt at all but if I push on that knot or just around my jaw on that side this gross smelling yellow liquid comes out. A few days ago a chunk of blood with some white stuff came out of that hole and I was worried that that was the blood clot that I had somehow dislodged. I looked online but everyone who has this yellow liquid stuff seems to be in lots of pain and it seems to be really extreme which mine isn't. I have another check up appointment with my dentist in two days but I just really want to know what's wrong with my wisdom tooth socket