I was having ear pressure from 2 months when I dived in 11 feet swimming pool without ear caps and I was having nasal congestion that time am Indian here people ,doctors don't know much about ear poppers so after 2 months of pressure in ear they told me to put grommet(ear tubes) in my right ear but after operation pressure still builds up my ear feels like so much cotton balls in it and when I speak my voice echoes in my head I have to ask people to repeat what they are saying before 2 months I was a happy 16 year old who was living life perfectly now it feels like I should die I am eating lots of medicines now also after operation for nasal congestion and nasal sprays are given to me it's been 7 days from operation and pressure still builds up when I swallow my spit sometimes I get Relief for 2 seconds then it comes back again I am ready to die it's so depressing my doctor thinks a just imagining this problem in my head and my ears are alright after operation and no way pressure can build up but what he will know how I feel so I bought ear popper will it be safe to use ear popper grommet are fitted 7 days ago and am still on medicines and sprays   Plus from 2 months when I have this ear problem my nasal congestion is still there please help me if anyone had this problem please I beg you help me and will it ever go away and will I ever feel normal again