I am having a chronic nose problem from last 8yrs.
-I always feel little cough in my nose, feels like nasal passage has become thin/shirked and I can't breathe properly, due to which I have to breath with force, feel like abrupt breathing always,
Which make weird noise, feel uncomfortable in public.
- I always tried to blow my nose, but only very few cough fluid comes out, but still feels like something is stuck in the nose, which irritates me and make me breathe with force.
- (biggest concern) Feel like vomiting while/after taking food or any drink(sweet/sour/cold drinks) always, so can't eat food quickly, also can't run or play as I feel choking in my nose and throat.

- I have tried so many medicines for long time, from different fields like, Allopathic, Homeopathy sciences, nasal sprays etc , it will only relief for few hrs or a day only.
- I have gone through a small operation (don't know the name), but doctor passes electric current inside my nose, which he told me, that it will burn the inner cell and expand the nasal air passage...... by this I got big relief till 6 month...HOWEVER, the same problem is back now from last 2 month and I am little scared because, I can't even talk properly, run or play due to this..

Please please advice me.