I am a 24 yr old F. I have always has a nervous stomach as they say. When I wake up in the morning I always have alot of gas burping and flatulance both. Recently, I went to the doctor for diarrea the pain was more sever than i've ever had not like any diarrea pains ive ever had. And after the first day of just diarrea it turned into nothing but mucus. The doctor said it was a bacterial infection in my stomach he didn't take a stool sample. But, he said he just knew. Like I said before this i had trouble and everytime I drink alcohol it feels like my stomach is on fire and I shake,sweat, and almost fain but i'm cold as ice. Then i will eventually throw up and it goes away. Now,after i was diagnosed with the bacterial infection i was given antibiotics and the diarrea is gone and the mucas but, it has been a good two weeks and my stool is still very very soft and when I wake up in the morning i have a bowl movement first thing because, as soon as I wake up the pain is so sever I can't even get off the toilet to get my son to school on time it's really hindering my life style.I am going back to the doctor sun. But, just wondering if anyone might know whats going on with me.