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Hey, just found out whats been buggin me for years, went to the doc, showed him my penis and he said its all natural etc, turns out i will have these for the rest of my life (unless they find a cure) but it doesnt really bother me cause my current gf isnt bothered and 1 randomer on holiday didnt seem too bothered either. i have Fordyce's spot which a pic can be found here i wouldnt say mine are that bad but theyre not far off, anyway. If i have poor hygene down there and do not stay dry (which i'm having problems with due to intercourse and masturbation) then the problem may get worse. anyway as all you men know that after sex/masturbation its hard to get every last drop, and if your npt retracted constantly you get moist = poor hygene

So.. how can i effectuvely train it to stay over the glands? I mean i'm sat here now and it sits over them with no probs its just it doesnt all the time. and if i leave it over overnight it gets swollen.

PS - i do NOT wann have to tie string around my penis or put any bands on it.


Not all foreskins can be worn back for long periods of time without rolling forward again on it's own.

If your foreskin is too tight you may need to practice stretching first.

Otherwise here is the trick....

Usually a foreskin rolls slightly backward and unravels to expose the head of the penis.
What you want to do is to roll it INWARD within it's self. Sounds impossible?

Not if you use the tip of a spoon, and wet it with warm water or lube.
Now pull back your foreskin and using the tip of the wet spoon handle, tuck the skin within itself.
Hold onto the head while you do this until all the skin is tucked in leaving just the head exposed.

It will take practice and time at first, especially underneath near the frenulum.

Once you have tucked all the loose skin underneath the head, it should look exactly like a circumcised penis.
After a while it will get easier to do until eventually it will go to this position almost on its own.

Do not use bands as it will constrict the blood flow for long periods of time.

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Tucking the foreskin inward works really well with a cotton bud and lube.


A penis health creme that contains Vitamins A and E is what you need my friend.  In addition to a daily wash with soap and water, this creme (and the Vitamin A in particular) will provide you with an extra line of defense against odor and infection-causing bacteria.  The Vitamin E will hydrate and loosen up your foreskin over time so it retracts fully and easily. This creme will help you with your hygiene and retraction issues.  Good luck.