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Hey guys, im in need of some immediate advice. The head and top of my penis is uncovered because the foreskin will not stretch enough to cover it like it did before. My foreskin retracted about 3 days ago and have been in pain since. Im worried the top half of my penis will get irritated or infected because its super sensitive and am in pain because of it. So basically the top half of my penis is uncovered and the skin wont stretch enough to cover it. What should i do, see a dr or just it out?


Just because your glans is uncovered does not mean you will develop an infection.  Think about all the circumcised guys.  You're in pain because the head is very sensitive, this is normal.  The nerves are used to being protected and are now exposed.  It will become less sensitivie in time.

You should be able to get the skin back, you may need to work at it.  Try it in the shower or use lots of lube.  How tight is it?  If you think that it may be cutting off circulation, penis cold or pale, see your doctor now. 

The sensitivity part is not a reason to see the Dr.

Hope it helps.