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I am 29 years old and have been having really heavy flows so i had to have a d&c they said this would help ... well it did for that month was it. I have 3 children and a wonderful husband and dont think i want any more children but im not sure . because of my heavy periods the doctor has told me i have 3 options one is an IUD, another is the endometrial ablation and the final is hysterectomy. my periods have got to the point that i am not able to leave my house because it os so heavy. i am constantly tired and feel blah. i have been trying to weigh the odds of the option and don't know which one to choose any advice or opinions at all would really help . >:(


I'm pretty much in the same boat, except I'm 36 and absolutely will not be having any more children. Both myself and my husband are fixed. My dr recommended an endometrial ablation and sent me to a specialist, when I went the specialist wasn't convinced that was the right answer and suggested the IUD, to which I agreed only because it was a specialist talking.

However, I went on the pill for a few months to regulate my periods for a vacation and remembered all the reasons why I went through the tubal ligation. Bloating, nausea, sore swolen breasts, mood swings, 12 day scanty period, weight gain, pimples... no thanks to the hormones, I have scratched the IUD. I have an apt tomorrow with the specialist to talk about my other options.

Now, if you want more kids, I highly recommend trying the IUD, the other two options you are not supposed to get pregnant again (or cant). The nice thing about the IUD is they can take it out right away if there are any problems or you want to get pregnant.

I have been weighing the ablation versus the hysterectomy and have lots of questions to ask him. He didn't want the ablation because of my age, he told me taht women under the age of 45 have quite a lower chance of the ablation having successful results and even if if it successful, you often have to get a hysterectomy within 5 years anyway.

So, in my case I'm wondering why they wouldn't save time and money and go ahead with the hysterectomy since they can do it vaginally and leave my ovaries behind... I have no cysts or fibroids so I should have a lowered recovery time and leaving my ovaries will keep me from going into early menopause.

I need more information from my specialist and if I were you I'd be writing down as many questions as you can and drill your professionals until you're satisified with the amount of info you ahve ot make a decision.


I replied once as a guest, but don't know if it worked because of an error. So, I signed up and am going to try to remember all I said, but it may pop up twice :-)

I am 36 and my Dr. recommended the endometrial ablation because I have really heavy periods, have had them for quite some time and they seem to be getting gradually worse. I also have 3 kids (only one is mine naturally), and I am not having any more for certain... I nearly died giving birth to my son and both my husband and I are fixed.

Before I go on, if you want more kids, I recommend trying the IUD. With the ablation and the hysterectomy you are not supposed to get prenant (or can't). Plus the IUD can be removed right away if you have any problems with it.

When I talked to the specialist I was recommended to, he said that the ablation wouldn't be his first choice because I am 'too young'. He offered the IUD option and I agreed mostly because it was a specialists opinion and I wasn't prepared to rebutt his choice. After going home and discussing with my doctor, I don't feel its the best choice for me. I also was on birth control for a few months at the time to regulate my periods so I wouldn't have it on my upcoming vacation. Hormones for me means swolen sore breasts, acne, severe mood swings, weight gain, bloating, nausea, and I had a smaller period but it lasted for 12 days! So, IUD is scratched off my list.

I am now researching my other two options so I can go back to the specialist prepared to get some information that will lead to a decision. My problem with the ablation is I was told by the specialist that because I was 'too young' (ie under 45) there is a much lower chance of the ablation being successful, and even if it was there was a high possiblity that I would need to have a hysterectomy within the next 5 years after the ablation anyway because periods often return in younger women.

This leads me to wonder if I shouldn't just save time and money and go straight for the hysterectomy, but it has its problems too. Although, because I have no other problems like fibroids or cancer, they should be able to take the uterus and cervix vaginally and leave the ovaries behind resulting in no periods, shorter recover, and no early menopause.

I see the specialist tomorrow and hope to have more information, or at least enough to make an informed decision. I would recommend writing all your fears and worries down and drilling your dr and specialist and whomever you can until you are satisfied with the information based on your situation to make a decision you're happy with. Deciding on more children or not is crucial though.