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I had a supracervicle laparoscopic hysterectomy 2 weeks ago for fibroids(I still have both ovaries and cervix). During surgery it was discovered that I also had endometriosis. I have had a quick and painless recovery. However, I am having pressure on my bladder that my gyn diagnosed as "overactive bladder." She wants me to "retrain my bladder" so I don't have to urinate as often. The exercises I am doing are more for the muscles to control the stream (kegel) but I don't have trouble holding it in, I just feel a constant pressure on my bladder.

The endometriosis had attached to my bowels and my bladder. She was able to detach my uterus to remove it. I am wondering if the endometriosis can continue to grow and cause problems now that my uterus is removed. Could it be causing my bladder discomfort and if so, is there anything that can be done about it?


Hi! I just saw your post, and I felt compelled to answer, if not for you, for anyone out there looking for some answers.

Endometriosis occurrs when the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus in any other pelvic organ.  Removing the uterus does not cure endometriosis.  Why? Because endometriosis feeds off the estrogen that your ovaries produce.  

Many doctors remove the uterus and tell their patients that this will cure their endo.  It is not so.  To cure endometriosis completely, the ovaries also need to be removed, along with any adhesions or endometriosis lesions inside the pelvic cavity.  

Furthermore, some patients still have endometriosis even after having a hysterectomy or going through menopause.  This is because the body stores estrogen in fat cells.  So if you are a bit in the overweight, you might still experience endometriosis pain and symptoms.

Just in case you are wondering, no, I am not a doctor.  I have had endometriosis all my life, and I am the President of Endometriosis of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  A non-profit organization dedicated to support and educate Endometriosis patients, their families and the community. 

Just remember, Endometriosis is not cancer.  You can live a full life while living with Endo.  

Hope you have resolved your health since you first posted your questions.  And for those reading it just now, I hope you find relief soon.  

Peace and healthy days for you!