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Hello. I'm 29 year old female and I have some question on which I would like to find an answer of any kind.
You see, about three years ago I was diagnosed with some condition called endometriosis and had my uterus removed completely. Luckily, I had my two sons before that.
I really don’t understand what this condition was about but my doctor told me that the operation couldn’t be avoided and that it was the best option for. Now, three years after surgery, I stated to suffer from some bowel problems including pain and weak digestion! Could it be from the previous disease?


Hello. I would really like to help you because I do know some facts about that condition. You see, endometriosis is condition where the normal uterine glands are being found I different places in your abdomen or pelvis and this is called external endometriosis.
The other type is internal endometriosis where these glands are being found in part of the uterus in which they shouldn’t be.
This could be the indication for hysterectomy. There is a small chance that these glands could be found on your bowel and that this is causing you your bowel problems. Your doctor probable didn’t tell you but you may develop other physical problems after a hysterectomy because the pelvic muscles and ligaments that support the vagina, bladder, and rectum may become weak so maybe this is the cause of your problem. What ever is the cause-call you GP and schedule an appointment.


I see your post is dated 2005 and it's now 2008 but I'm answering anyways.

If your doc only removed your uterus and left your ovaries, you still have endo. Endo "feeds" on estrogen. Your ovaries produce estrogen. As long as you have functioning ovaries, you will have endo.

So yes, it is entirely possible that the pain and problems you are experiencing is due to your endo.