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I think this is a good forum to seek some advice.. I have erection problems, i after reading about ED, think that i have this problem, but the thing that bothers me is..

Whenever i look at sex on the computer, like watching sex vids and sex pics, i have no trouble getting an erection, but if im around a girl and, expecially if theres other people around, i hell no can't get an erection. Yes i get nervous
This is one big trouble in my life as it makes me feel so embarrassed and so on you know what i mean..

Do i have ED? And since i have no trouble being aroused when looking at sex (when im alone) what is wrong with me...Is it because i get nervous? How to not get nervous..I need some help/advice

I'm 18.


You don't have ED.

It is very normal not to be able to or to lose an erection when you are nervous. Your body is scared and is thinking I need to run. It is not thinking "hey now is a good time to have sex."

As you get a little older and have more experience you'll be OK.

For now, if you think something might happen, then don't masturbate for a while before. This way you'll be more than ready when the opportunity arises (pun intended).

Nothing is wrong, you just need to relax. Your body is working normally.

Good luck and use a condom. It may help you be a bit more comfortable by taking out the pregnancy and STD risk.


Assuming that you are a shy person, I think you have social anxiety disorder. I don't think you have ED, which is a different issue. Shy people have a tendency to internalize their feelings and you need to reverse this trend. So, instead of looking at sex vids and sex pics which are merely cyber images, you need to look at real naked female body parts up close. You can do this going to a strip club, and you happen to be just old enough to do so. Different strip clubs have different rules, so check them out online first. Allow the half-naked or totally naked dancer to talk to you up close, sit on your laps, and thrust their body parts close to your face. Smell their warm breaths and body fragrance. I bet you will get a hard-on in no time. Unless you want to get a private dance session too often, going to the strip club doesn't have to be expensive.


Yeah i tend to get nervous in groups..Glad to know im not abnormal or anything 8-|

Yeah very shy, at times its like i don't ever want anyone around me seeing me with an erection, and yet at times i just can't get it up, when it should react.

That might be very true..The only girl iv been close with is my cuzin ( so sad yet crazy)
2 years ago we started showing feelings for each other but we'd only fool around, then she kissed me in the mouth
to say goodbye before she left to go back to her house...

She came back in easter, this year and one night we in my room alone, she was looking at me i was looking in her eyes,
we started kissing...It felt so right, yet so wrong.. I ended up doing her with her legs in the air, but she wasnt fully naked..

It was the first time i got to see a fully grown young woman's breasts, right infront of my face to make contact with..We just stayed there
kissing, interlocking hands and letting my member hit her little area..It felt good

She took off her pantie and i started fingering her. G inside her was so wet, it felt like some kinda lastisity inside her, like a rubber or something was what she was made of...All i can think of is how wet she was

She asked if i would have xxx with her, but i backed out, truth ios there wasn't much stopping me, but i just told her i didn't have a condom, which i think was a good thing to do...She agreed....I got back to fingering her , harder and faster till she sort of shake or quiver and she held me hand and stopped me from carrying on...

I Kissed her got up, washed my hand and went for some late night snacks. There she ate, we talked and made a few jokes, she then
put her leg on my area, then laid her head on my chest and went to sleep

But i couldn't sleep with her as my mom wouldn't allow such thing, so after all, i got up,
covered her with the sheet, and also my other female cuz, whom was also staying at the house at that time, i cooked a heavy meal, then and i when to my moms room to sleep...

In the morning i woke up...Open my eyes, seeing her watching me and smiling...She asks, when did you leave? lol Why didn't you sleep with me? lol

I don't know why i wrote all of that....mabe cuz im turned on and have nothing else to do..hhahah

So still as you see i have no other real sexual experience, thats the closest iv gotten to having sex or seeing a girl totally
or almost fully undress and seeing her private area......Im going to a club next month, thanks for the advice

I think i should also get more sleep...k bye

Hope i can be a better man, and stop being so shy and mitty

The network gave out while i was writing this last sh*t


Hi there, it sounds like you're just very anxious, so just realize that sort of anxiety goes away with experience, okay? JUst continue to be confident and you should be fine, okay?