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I'm 14 and it all started about 4months ago it started under my arms then it moved to my back and front it comes and goes but it feels like someone poured a bottle of water all over me I'm really worried and it affects me every day sometimes I just cry and cry for no reason ive been in and out of hospital but na answers so many tests but all clear they say it could be hormones or stress but I can't relax until it's gone


Hello Sad person,

You may have what is called hyperhidrosis which is overactive sweat glands.  There are two known types referred to as generalized and focal.  The generalized form occurs all over the body and is a medical condition that may have been caused by chronic disease or some issue that disrupts your body's hormone balance.  The focal type could be just under the arms.  This excessive sweating disorder can get quite severe and the disorder is classified based on severity of the sweating.  There are natural remedies that work well for some people and yet not for others.  In some cases, surgery may need to be done.  Your best bet is to talk with your doctor and see what he/she recommends.  They can tell you more about natural remedies and whether they work or not.