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Hello everyone.


I know that I was telling you before that I am not so huge fan of pets, but I have change my mind lately :)

Three days ago, I got this lovely cat, that my sister found on the street. She found three little cats, and she took one for herself, she gave one to me, and third cat is in good hands as well.


Since I meet my Lilly, she was not so happy. She is cuddling, but not so much like other cats do. Also, when she urinates, she is in a pain, and I can see this.

I think that she has bladder infection, and I was hoping that you can tell me how common is bladder infection among cats?

Tnx a lot!


Hi Zoo,

Bladder infections are more common in male cats than females.  Has she/he been to a vet yet?

Is your cat crying in pain?

You really do need to visit a vet.



Hey there.
Yes, she is literally crying in pain for the past two days. I can see that she suffers so much. I was looking her urine, and there was no blood. That is why I was thinking that this cannot be that serious :/ But, it seems to me that I made a mistake.
At first day, everything was just fine with her – she was not just that playful like other cats. But, she didn’t show any signs of pain.

Yesterday, I was thinking that she is having some stomach pains, so I wanted to change her eating plan, but then I saw that there is something else, like bladder infection.

Now, I haven’t visit the vet yet. Is that really necessary? I mean, can I heal her, at my home?
Maybe it is silly question, but I don’t have any experience :/


It is necessary for you to see a vet.

You don't really know what is wrong. It could be anything, especially since you just got the cat.

Get it checked out.


It is very, very common.


But, as others told you, I think that you don’t have an idea what is going on. You don’t know is this bladder infection or something else.


Even if this problem is common, it could be something that is very serious, and since you don’t know what is going on, you should make an appointment to your vet, because he will determine what is wrong with it.


If this is an infection, it can be problem.

But, I seriously hope that this is just cold, but if he was crying, if he is really in pain, that could be a problem :/



Hello friends.


I had this situation, like all other cat owners, I think. So, this is just one more proof that this is very common situation among cats.


The main symptoms are :

Blood in urine

Abnormal passage of urine

Blockage of urine flow through the urethra

Lower urinary tract disease in some cats

Difficult during urination

Pain during urination.

Causes of this are usually unknown, and there are so many possible causes.


Look, this is serious! Visit the vet immediately. This is not something that you should play with, especially if you can see that she is in pain! 



Hello. Like others told you, it is very serious condition, and if you really want to help your cat, and I know that you do, you should visit your vet and let him give you some main tips, some main advice how to heal this.


It is common, but it can be serious, as you already know, those infections can be serious.


I am sorry that you are going through this. My friend’s cat was urinating blood for almost a week, and it was serious.

I don’t know if there is a blood in your cat’s urine…

That is really important information for your vet, and for us :/