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Hi. I am male, 37 years old. Six months ago I was diagnosed with chronic insomnia and since then I am going to some therapies. I can't say that they didn't work for me. I am much better, I have a better life, but I want my old life back if you can understand me.

I have heard that some exercises can help me.

I walk, I run but that is all poor I think. So, do you know what type of exercises I can do to treat my chronic insomnia?

I am ready to do anything to be normal again.

Thank you so much!


Any, but ANY type of exercise can help you feel asleep.

Chronic insomnia treatment or treatment of any type of insomnia is slow, but if you are willing to success in your intentions, you need to do whatever it takes.

When I had insomnia issues, the only thing that really helped me restore my sleep was gym. I was running at this running track and after that, I was doing so many different exercises.

It is important to show to your body that you can do a lot of different activities - you can run, ride bike, lift weights, etc..



Good day.
Any type of exercise is helpful. It is very important to do them 30 to 40 minutes. But also, you should do those exercises five to six hours before you go to bed. A lot of people believe that exercising actually can't help you, that this is just a myth. But that is not correct. It is well known that any type of exercise elevates body temperature for a few hours, so exercise in the evening contributes to insomnia. Now you realize why you should exercise five to six hours before you go to bed. Anyway, I prefer running, swimming and long walks in woods. This really helps me when I have sleeping issues.


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Exercises are natural cure when it comes to insomnia.

Actually, exercises are much better than any sleeping pills. But exercises won't help you right away. You should forget about that. It takes time until you see some results. So, you need to start but to be persistent in your intentions.

What does that mean? It means that if you start today, you should not expect to sleep better this night.

Some researchers showed that it takes about 16 weeks to notice some changes.

When it comes to choosing exercise, you can start with running and ride the bike. Keep in your mind that long runs will help you for sure. 



Good day there.
Thank you for your answers, I haven't expected to see so many of them. My phone keeps showing me the notifications and I am happy because of this.
Anyway, I was playing tennis for a long time. I believed that tennis will help me deal with it, but nothing. Is that means that only cardio program can help me? Because all those exercises that you have mentioned are cardio exercises. I have problems with keeping my will up and that is something that scares me the most. What if I give up after three days? There are huge possibilities that I will because I am very nervous when I can't sleep.


Because it is very silly to expect to see some results over the night.

Insomnia is not something that you can treat easily and overnight. Actually, there is nothing that you can heal over night. 

A lot of people reach out for medications, but that is a mistake if you ask me. Rather than medications, which can induce sleep quickly but not quality as you might expect, exercise may be a healthier way to improve sleep because it could address the underlying problem.

So, go out. Run. Walk. Walk up hills.

Try not to feel exhausted because sometimes when we are exhausted, we can't sleep well.

Get tired but don't exaggerate with it because you won't see anything. 



Hey, hey...Wait a minute! Do you know that there is post - workout insomnia?
That happens when your adrenaline is so high and you are not able to control it anymore. So, you are staring at the ceiling and you are wondering why this happened to you? You just wanted to get some sleep, right?
Look, I don't think that gym is a good idea. I support this idea of doing cardio exercises, but not more than 40 minutes. Heavy exercises can have side - effects, but on the other hand, if you start to walk more than 10.000 steps per day, for example, you will notice some changes. You will get tired and ready for bed.
Walking is the cure. Avoid lifting weights.