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I had my first miscarriage and one of my oval was removed cause the baby formed outside it, now my doctor called to tell me I have another miscarriage due to hcg after 8weeks I experienced few blood. Its 12weeks now am yet to see my monthly period and I stay feel some signs of pregnancy and I don't know what 2 do now. Can it be possible am still having my baby, can I still get pregnant? What must I do to have a baby cause am devastated right now.


Its possible to conceive with one ovary because it will still produce an egg. It is harder because sometimes the ovary will not produce an egg every month but using ovulation test strips can help with this. Now in some women they can have a baby but not produce enough hcg hormone but still have a healthy pregnancy. You really need to see a doctor and find out what is going on and I suggest getting a doctor who wants to see you and not just calls to tell you something like that over the phone. If the egg is implanted in your uterus and just not producing enough hcg hormone they can help save your pregnancy but the soon the better. Good Luck and I hope it works out