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my foreskin is extreamly tight ^ :$ my banjo string is also connected high up the tip of my penis but at the same time my foreskin opening is very small, i am unable to retract my foreskin whie erect, only when placid, if i pull it back and get aroused it causes great pain and my tip swells and goes purple i would hope to think of circumsision as a last resort so if anyone has any helpful tips that would be great ,




Yes, Josh, this sounds painful.

You will want to show and discuss this with a doctor.

There are several options ranging from:

1) Gentle stretching of the foreskin to make it more pliable and able to retract easier.
2) A simple snip to loosen the foreskin but not remove it. This is called a dorsal slit.
3) A circumcision to remove the foreskin completely and ease that "banjo string".

All of these options should be discussed with your doctor. But you could start working on gentle stretching of the foreskin now.

If you see no progress over several months, you need to consider some surgery in the doctor's office. (It's not as bad as it sounds.)
Good luck.