I've now had bunnion surgery on both my feet. My left foot was done last year. I had to have two surgerys on that foot, the first was a lapidus bunnionectomy. All went fantastic, except that my toe wouldn't touch the ground when I stood on it, but that was easily fixed with a second surgery. The second surgery just lengthend the tendon in that toe to allow it to touch the ground when I was weight bearing. I was a little scared that my toe might end up being freakishly long, but it looks completely normal. The recovery time for my first surgery was eight weeks. I was completely non-weight bearing for the first six weeks, and then transitioned into a shoe and off crutches for the last two. The second time around I was weight bearing in a surgical shoe for four weeks, and then transitioned into a regular shoe. I have no pain in my left foot at all, and have complete range of motion in it as well.
My right foot I had done by the same Dr. about 6 weeks ago, I have just now started partial weight bearing, and when I go in on Thursday I am supposed to start my transitioning into a shoe. I have been doing my range of motion exercisizes and have really good flexability. My Dr. is very impressed with my upward motion, and wants me to work a little more on my downward motion, but all in all I am extremly impressed.
My reccomendation to everyone is get to know your physician before your surgery. I was recommended to my surgeon by someone I work with, and upon meeting her I felt very relaxed and knew that not only she, but her entire office had my best interests in mind. Be completely complient with your physicians instructions. My physician told me to keep my foot elevated and iced, which I have done religiously. It has been hard seing as I am normally a very athletic and active person. But it was worth it. I am so glad I went through with this surgery. Before the surgery I was in a lot of pain, and I was also extremly embarassed about my feet, now my feet look normal, and theres no pain at all!!!