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Hi.  Last week while washing my face I thought I washed off a blackhead over my eyebrow.  I didn't actually see what it was.  All I know is that the bump was not noticeable, but was painful when I wiped it off.  Over this last week, the spot where the bump was has grown everyday. The bump spot is only occasionally painful.  My concern is the swelling.  It reached a quarter size knot in between my eyebrows and protruded out.  The spot is only hard where the bump scabbed over.  Then... the knot went down and the swelling moved into the bridge of nose and corners of my eyes.  I resemble an Avitar.  It's still swollen in same area, but some swelling has now gone to under my eyes.  I have large dark puffy bags under my eyes. 


Can anyone help?


Hello, that does sound concerning if you ask me. There are number of reasons why this is happening to you. I mean you could have one of those bad pimple cases. Where the pimple starts growing under your skin so it creates a major swelling. Have you tried squeezing it out or something? Maybe its an in grown hair, where hair starts to grow inside of your skin instead of out and that causes major skin reactions and swelling because your skin wants to get rid of foreign body. Third option would be that it has something to do with your sinus'. I mean it could be due to some fluid build up that just cant go away. Maybe you should try inhaling therapies or something. If none of this works for you i would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your doc and show him your problem. I mean, maybe there is a quick solution for your problem. Hope this helps.