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I have noticee a small lump on my Bikini line. Its under my skin, and its nothing like a pimple or anything that can be popped... atleast not yet. I'm afraid. I never had a cyst or anything really similar. Help. Anyone. What can it be? Remedies? ??


Hi, that does sound like it could be ingrown hair; it’s when one hair is growing inside of your skin which may cause a bump or it can get infected. It could also be that is just a pimple that’s gone bad. I’ve had those before. Maybe you just need to wait a little to see if it can be popped. That would be your best option. Maybe try using a needle just to open it a little, it may sound gross but it might be necessary. I mean, if its ingrown hair you need to get rid of it asap. Or else you will end up in emergency room where doctor will have to cut it open surgically. But do not be scared, the procedure is fast and painless. Hope this helps