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hi all,

i have this super gigantic pimple thats been on my nose for a while. and when i mean a while, i mean for a month. please help! i heard that zits on your nose take a while to heal, but i havent had a zit that lasted longer than a month until now. i used benzyl peroxide (

and i used all sorts of different acne products. i use face wash everyday that has salicylic acid and my face is oily. at first a white head came, and it got dried up. then, in the shower, the skin peeled off and the zit somehow popped. it scabbed over, but now its all red! and then, after 2 weeks, it went down just a little, and got less red. now its just a discolored bump. (sorta brownish grayish, like dead skin!). it wont go away no matter what i do!! i was going to get an injection, but the zit is not big enough to have an injection. (the injection is to make the zit smaller.) any remedies?! im going to try jojoba oil to see if it will go away...

i have used clearasil, clean and clear, and proactive.

my skin is sensitive so pls no harsh HARSH chemicals.

thank you,

i appreciate your help. (oh, and pls have remedies that will make my zit(if it IS one) go away in 5 days. i have an event coming up and i want to look good.)


try using cloths washing soap to wash ur face before sleep.. it is a strong surfactant so it will remove all oils and dirt and make ur skin dry. it helped me but i m not sure if it helps u or not, i i feel there is no harm in trying