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My father had squamous cell cancer behide his left ear after a very extensive surgery to remove all the cancer the pathology reported that some areas were malignant myoepithelioma. They also noted in a Chest CT Scan he had numerous nodes in both lungs. At this time we cannot confirm if it is myoepithelioma. My question is what would be the best source of treatment and what is the percentage of slowing down the growth process?


I will be 33 yrs of age in 4 days and have a yr old son & was diagnosed w/ the same type of cancer...come to find out I was misdiagnoised years ago & now my cancer is uncurable & inoperable...I have been taking chemo treatments now for almost a year, w/ none of my tumors decreasing in size yet...I am saying yet cause I am not giving up...I have too much to live for...I am curious if u have ever found out anything bout UR fathers cancer and how is he doing and also what type of treatments r they giving him? ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed***
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maybe we can share info & could possibly help each other out...u never know! Hope to hear from u soon! May God Bless u, UR father, & UR family & friends!