Lately I've been getting fever day or two before my period. It happened after my latest sexual intercourse. I thing is, I dont really know if its because ive been busy and working alot lately during those exact times that makes my weak immune system, that is getting ready for the menstral cycle, makes me sick. The symptoms are dizziness, lost of appetite and feverish. There used to be muscle pains but it is because of my heavy exercise. Now that I have my period, my symptoms occur again. I was babysitting for my aunts and all and there were 5 kids all energetic and loud. I had to clean up and walk around like crazy. Then later after they all left I began to felt dizzy so I went to the gym and for the jacuzzi. Maybe because of the heat, today I got fever!!! Now Im just confuse to all the different links that causes the same symptoms. I don't know if any of them are related to me having the period or not!!!

Anyone please give an advise.