I'm 19 years of age. Male.
I recently have been having pains in my abdomen. First starting on my Right upper abdomen, where you can see that area is bloated and can see the visible deformity from my right from the left. I had gained a fever a day after and woke up 2 nights with chills. One of those nights, the second night i had went to the hospital and received a Cat scan/ MRI scan of my abdomen and they said my abdomen was completely healthy, yet it still hurt from both sides now. The next few days i had gone through fevers and sweat every time i went to bed. its been 3 days since and my fever and headaches are gone, but the pain in my abdomen still remains. (Now on my left and right) I'm tender to touch at times. The pain "comes back" after i eat. Depending on what i eat though the pain is weaker. For example grains don't hurt my stomach as much as an egg would. My pediatrician says it a intestinal infection.

I'm hoping it is.
Has anyone had my symptoms? Just looking for information and suggestions.