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Hello everyone. A few weeks ago, I had some bleeding after I had sex with my boyfriend. I went to the doctor and tested positive for Chlamydia. I received treatment as did my boyfriend and we didn't have sex for one week after his treatment. The other day after we had sex however, I noticed that I had the same type of bleeding that I had before. I am on the pill and heard that could cause some breakthrough bleeding but mine was only after sex. I was just wondering what could cause this type of bleeding. Have I somehow been reinfected or maybe the medication didn't work? Has anyone experienced it? 


Hi Guest,

You can JUST have bleeding after having sex.  It is fairly common.

Hope it helps.



Your best bet would be to seek help from an obgyn, since there're many conditions could cause this problem. 

You'd be fine if you had followed all instructions given to you by your health care provider or clinic.

Take all your medication -- even if your symptoms go away 

Make sure your sex partner(s) get tested & treated 

You should avoid any sexual contact until 1 week after taking the last dose of treatment.


However, if you do have a reinfection, i think a natural treatment such as herbal medicine for chlamydia would be a better choice for you, since chlamydia sometimes may develop drug resistence and you may difficult to get rid of it completely.