hey all. ive run on and off to try to get back into shape for the past few years. im on again, this time with a specific goal in mind. im training for an 8k, so ive been running for about a week and a half now. i usually do just shy of 3 miles, run about a half mile, walking break, and so on and so on.

i'd like to find a good pair of energy return/shock absorbing running shoes. i remember once before i felt better running in my light boots, with double thick insoles than in anything else. im not running in that now, im just saying i need suspension, i weigh 300lbs. i look about 260, but i definitely am on the heavy side for running. i was looking at the megabounce, but that just seems like a flimsy all hype shoe. i'd like to see what you guys recommend, and thanks in advance for all your help.

p.s. i believe i am neutral pronator, with a an average arch, possibly slightly high arch. i do have excessive wear on the outside edges of my current shoes