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I've been having some stubborn pain in my left lower abdomen for a couple of weeks now, so the doctor says he's going to "go digging", which I think is his idea of a joke. He says he needs to do a "colonoscopy", which, I am given to understand, is a long snake-like probe that goes up a person's rear end.

Now, my hairy rear end extrudes things all the time, but as far as having something pushed into it, this'll be a first. Yes, my ass is cherry, and I like it that way.

Why must I have an anal probe pushed up my rear at the tender age of 25?

Anyway, has anybody out there had one of these before, and can you tell me what to expect? My countdown is two days. I'm sure I'll have a nightmare when I go to bed tonight, probably involving snakes.


XD XD I like your sense of humour, sorry i didn't read this before you had to go and have it done. I guess by now you're wondering why you worried :-D i had it done a couple of years ago and it was easy ;-)