Please take this 100% seriously unlike UMC quickcare or anyone else for that matter. I get the strangest sensations at the bottom of my tongue, around my tonsils, even halfway down my esophagus. When I'm finished masticating my food properly, I swallow. My fully chewed food stops right around the bottom of my tongue, near the tonsils I can only assume. Here's the weird part - I can feel something handling the food. Moving it around, picking out the good parts, and I swallow what feels like a smaller bite then what I had literally just chewed up moments earlier. I have felt me swallow food, with something wiggling, struggling not to go down my esophagus. I've swallowed said wiggly intruder, just to feel it climb back up my throat with ease and wander right back into my tonsil areas. Needless to say this used to cause me major distress, as i used to gag and hock uncontrollably for 15-30 minutes each episode (I've actually gotten used to it and can control the gagging now). I've hocked up gallons of mucus trying to get this little thing caught in it so I can spit it out and see what it is. I've screamed at the top of my lungs into a sink trying to get enough force to cough this little guy up. My wife thinks I'm going insane. I think it might live in my trachea and only come out when I start eating (even I can admit that sounds insane-if it wasn't me I'm not sure I'd take me seriously). If I fast all day it is worse, cause the little bastard must be starving as well. Lause or mites should be too numerous to miss, well maybe a small group of mites could cause this? Are there any types of mites that can survive like this? Could it be ascarid parasites that have made a home of my trachea/lungs? It feels spider-like, though I've not had a spider in my throat to compare the experience. Please offer any opinions of what this could possibly be or how I could find out/catch the thing! Maybe a list of organisms/parasites that have been witnessed making a home of human upper respiratory, lung ∨ throat systems so I can further research would be helpful. Anything!!??