I got my tonsils out 12/13/17 on a Wednesday. Today is 12/17/17 Sunday and for the past 2 days i have noticed i have been getting food stuck in my scabs (i know its very gross). I have only been eating very soft things like Ramon noodles , mac and cheese, etc. Like today i ate mac and cheese and there was a bunch stuck and it hurt really bad so for i say about 20 minutes i worked and try to get it out by gargling salt water. I eventually coughed as hard as i could and it got a big chunk out and i was in excruciating pain for about 20 minutes. Is there anything i can eat or anything i try to do to get it out next time this happens? Please respond i noticed most people don't respond for months but i need relive soon. I am 14 years old, female. I do smoke weed (marijuana) a lot pretty much everyday but since my surgery i haven't smoked besides last night when i used my marijuana vape pen witch didn't hurt me at i didn't bleed if anything i felt 20 times better being high really relives the pain i even was able to sleep but i broke my vape pen this morning and since i am underage i can not just go buy another one so is there anyway i can smoke weed without hurting my scabs? and before you guys start yes i know smoking is not good at my age i understand the risk so do not try to lecture me. Thank you.