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Hey i have some fordyce spots on the base of my shaft and around my scrotum. I'm 14 y.o and I just have one question. First of all i KNOW that fordyce spots are harmless. Second i know that treatment is NOT needed. I just want to know how to get rid of them if there is a way (without surgery or prescription stuff). Or if they should go away on theyre own, or if there is a way to reduce the amount of em or anything (once again without surgery or prescription stuff)! I know that there may not be anything i can do about them, but if there is PLEASE tell me. i dont want my gf thinking i have std's or anything. and i would love to not have to worry about them... please just answer: 1) how i can get rid of them/reduce them, if there is a way 2) if they will go away on their own AND 3) how long it will probably take for them to go away if they go away on their own? PLEASE answer these 3 questions.
Thank you very much for your time.


I too am suffering from this , im 15 and its only the past week ive worried about them, trust me chicks dont notice when it comes to it unless they're not turned on lol, most are in a rush to get it on so you dont spend much time looking at your penis, some girls who have noticed just explain how its a common thing and away the subject goes no more talking about that. Dont worry mate, keep it real.