I've always had a slightly/very small itch on my scrotum and never really thought about it. 

One day I couldn't get much sleep and thought what the itch could be, then suddenly the itching started to become really bad, almost a prickly and burning feeling making me itch. 

Something worth noting here is that I do have some form of spots on my scrotum, some are bigger than others. I have been informed by doctors they could be either sebacious cysts or fordyce spots. So I done some research and apparently these should not itch. 

I have tried taking anti itch tablets and applying dermacool but that doesn't really help much. 

Today I notice that my right groin is started to be a tad painful. 

I've also noticed since getting this bad itchy feeling on my scrotum, I don't really notice when I get a 'front wedgie', and by this, I mean when you know your boxers are twisted or too high up and need to sort them out. 

I have been with the same partner for about 4 years so not sure what the issue could possibly be. 

I also notice that since noticing this problem, I sometimes get random white patches on my scrotum, which seem to go after I put some water on the patch. 

Any help and/or advice would be nice.