So it all really started around two years ago when I was taking a dump, I noticed a small round sac (Very small, and I wasn't really worred), so I squeezed it and white puss came out.

Ever since that day there have been over 36 of them on my scrotum in total, and many of them are quite small. I researched them online, and I noticed that they were resembling Fordyces spots very well, and I came to a general conclusion that they were Fordyces spots and not a sort of STD, which the first time I read about them I was worried. I also thought they were penile pupil sacs (Or something like that).

Either way, I've had them since I Was generally 11 and that was two years ago. Now, I notice that there is a rediculous and annoying amount of them, especially on the left side. There are a group of 5/6 big ones in a really noticeable area, (I do not plan on having a sexual partner, yet they still are harrassing me), and just above that group there is another, and around them a few small ones. This week, I noticed that there were over 12 on the left side, yet really small and bit more spread out. I have heard that I should not pop them, and just clean them more often but that does not help.


I do masturbate quite a bit, and I use Shampoo sometimes to speed things up, should I stop this? I'm not really worried, as they are harmless but it will be embarrassing if I ever decide to get up and say I have spots on my Scrotum at my dermatologist infront of my parents.


Any advice would be sincerely welcome and appreciated, I'm quite tired of having these, and I've been curious as to if others have a bad case of grouping Fordyce spots.