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Hey i am a 14 year old male, and i have fordyce spots. Larger ones on my penis shaft and scrotum, they are hard and sometimes hair is coming out of them. I also have smaller more clustured ones on the tip of my foreskin. Do they go with age? Are there any home remidies i could use to get rid of them? What percent of men actually have them? GIRLS ONLY- do u feel them during sex-??

I am actually feeling very depressed at the moment and any help would be appreciated


Hi honey! ALL mammals have them! They are pore/folicles that are found in moist areas of the body! So on your genitalia, inside your lips, eyelids, etc. They are COMPLETELY normal - don't mess with them as they will become infected. Girls/women don't feel them as they are too small to notice! Don't let it even enter your mind anymore OK? And leave them alone honey - keep the areas clean and you should have ZERO problems with them! Hope this helps!