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I still have my foreskin.

My problem is during sex. My foreskin is able to get pulled back past the tip of the penis to the "ring" on the penis (where I believe is the point that the foreskin is removed in circumsized males). That is where the problem is. Since when I try to penetrate deeper that foreskin which has clumped together at that ring point is not able to push back any further and it hurts. I see that there is a small piece of tissue connecting my foreskin to the tip of the penis (called the frenulum in some anatomy textbooks). A condom of course has no problems.

Any suggestions??? advice?? apart from circumcision. The sensitivity is not the problem..


why not think about circumsion? it will solve your problem and look a lot better as well! I was cut at 42 should have had it done at 18