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Im 15 years old and uncircumcised, and wanting to have sexual intercourse.
While getting a hj, the skin was pulled over the head slightly, but it was painful, that was the first time the skin went over the head.
I started playing with it after reading many blog entrys like this. Atfirst i thought the probly was that my foreskin was too tight and it need to be streched, but in the act of doing this i found another problem.
It looks like a small peice of very sensitive skin attaching the tip of my foreskin to the tip of the head.
Ive looked for information about this alot, but never found any answers.

I want to know if its a problem or not, and if it is, how to fix it.
Pleaassseee HELP!


its called your frenulum

theres one just like it under your tongue that attaches your tongue to your mouth.

no idea why its there, but its supposed to be sensitive. If its causing you pain, then go see the doctor - it might be too short (frenulum breve) in which case you can either get creams to treat it, or have it removed (which is relatively painless - personal experience). The other option is leave it and if it is too short over time it'll snap, which looks scary, makes a mess, but heals with the same result.

hope that helps