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Alright so i was trying some of these methods described in other posts and i was experiencing some difficulties... at first i thought things were going fine the first few times i tried stretching my foreskin the couldnt handle the excruciating pain i wasnt able to bare it so one night i tried to stretch my foreksin back i didnt want to do it again after this time because i couldnt bare the pain at this last attempt of trying to pull my skin back i split it my mother rushed me to the hospital and i wasnt able to ever fully recover from tragic incident id advise not to stretch your foreskin.. its not a very good idea ive never been able to pee or anything after it split


It does sound like you over-extended yourself.... and I have no doubt that it has been painful.

I don't think anyone recommends that we hurt ourselves, just to pull the foreskin back... but I don't understand why you can no longer pee if you've split your foreskin?

Did the doctor not sew it up?

Or did he do a dorsal slit?

Did he tell you to care for the rip by abstaining from sex in all forms?

What are you doing for urination in the meantime?