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I keep hearing and reading all the posts on retracted foreshin on males.  Is there an answer as to what happens when it's done? or are there any harmfull side effects.  I was not cut as a baby.  When I was preteen, my foreskin was just slightly over the tip.  When I turned 16 or 17, I pulled it back and just left it back.  I have had it pulled back for more than 30 years now, way before the internet.  Does anyone have any idea if there was any harm done.  I appear to be normal, about 6.5 long and pretty big around.  I know it feels a lot better then it did when I was preteen.


Hi Wood,

You did just what a lot of boys do, pull it back and leave it.  It doesn't matter if you leave it retracted or not.  The important thing is that you can slide your foreskin easily.

Up until about 16 or so it is normal for male to not be able to retract his foreskin.  

Remember though, some guys have long foreskins and may not be able to keep the glans exposed.  That's normal too.