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hey, i'm 16 and have sex rather often

first question is about my my oppinion it seems rather long, it completely covers the head and then has another cm or 2 afterwards, also while erect it still completely covers the head. ontop of that i'm not quite sure but there seems to be 2 stretch marks near the end which i'm a little worried about - not sure but maybe my masturbation techniques have been stretching the skin forcibly? not sure...also when i am erect and the foreskin is pulled back over the head, it stays there which i suppose is normal but it also seems to cut blood flow and my penis starts to swell and hurt. this is probably the most worrying part at the ruins the mood during intercourse because i have to pull out to pull the foreskin over again.

second question is about cumming/orgasm...i seem to "finish" really quickly, it only takes 2 minutes or so and i think it's starting to annoy my girlfriend...she normally takes 15 minutes to half an hour, on the topic of her i'd also like to know a little bit about female there a way for me to tell wether she is close? and could she have come before she squirts?

sorry about the long post, in simple my problems are, i think foreskin is to long, aswell as tight. have i stretched the foreskin - are these fixable and how do i know when my gf is close to cumming...

any help would be greatly appreciated...i've thought about going to the doctor about the cutting off blood flow when foreskin is retracted but it's rather embarassing to have a stranger examining my penis...

some things i've considered is that i might have phimosis or thew other similiar one which isn't coming to mind at the moment..

once again i apologise for the long post but imo it's better to throw it all out there than piece by piece


Hey, long post or not, those are good questions.

First, girls squirting is a relatively new obsession, and there's no reason to expect that your girl will do this or that she cares to.

As far as knowing when she's about to come, the answer is obvious: Ask her to tell you.
She's most familar with her body, and so she can tell you want she wants and how.
Second, through repeated experience with her, you can tell by her rapid breathing, her movements, her moans, and the movement of her hips, body, hands, etc. But she's the best source of your information about her.

As for your foreskin, stretch marks come with the territory. That is, you don't have to worry about them if they aren't getting in the way, and very few people stop during sex to say "Say, what are these stretch marks doing?" or "What are they from?"

The fact that you feel you must retract your foreskin for sex is probably a matter of personal preference. Have you ever had sex wihtou retracting it?

If you are very concerned about the lack of blood flow when erect, do go speak to a doctor. Don't worry. They've seen it all. But they might have some very good tips to you about how to handle this.

Good luck.
Don't worry.

And use protection.
Every time!